What the hell are we doing here, Harry?!

It’s official- I am a blogger. I am not sure what this means but I am still excited!!! I decided to start this blog a few months ago. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I finally came up with the perfect name, “My Life Not Wasted”. It seemed for the first time in my life that real life had finally begun. Before I was always waiting to get through something, for something to start or stop- and then life would begin. But, then I realized THIS was my life and I had better start living it. I don’t want to look back one day and wonder how amazing life could of been. I needed to get out there and make it amazing!!!

So there I was- vacationing in Thailand with some of my good friends. I remember sitting outside one night, looking out into the ocean and really thinking about what I wanted out of life. Don’t get me wrong- my life was far from what most people would consider “bad”. However, I felt unfulfilled which really confused me. I have an amazing son that will no doubt grow into a great man. I started a small but successful business with one of my best friends. I travel to places that I only dreamt about as a child. I have amazing friends that are not only supportive but my biggest fans. So why was I feeling so unfulfilled? I don’t want to seem ungrateful- most people would LOVE my life. And I did- but I didn’t. To me it was mediocre- I was just existing. So I promised myself that when I returned from Thailand that I would search out my “happy”. I would find what I wanted in life. And when I did – I would put everything I was into it. So this blog is more about my journey than anything else. It is about finding myself. It is about finding my passion and never letting go. It is about trying new things, being open to new ideas and people, exploring and just living…..My Life Not Wasted.


2 thoughts on “What the hell are we doing here, Harry?!

  1. It’s hard sometimes to see the blessings we have. I love watching your life through Facebook….you’ve come a long way from that child I first met! Wether you know it or not, you have inspired people with your fitness, your fun loving personality, and your grab life with both hands attitude! I am proud of the woman you have become (even though I had nothing to do with it). I hope you find your “happy”!!! We all deserve it!!!

  2. Don’t forget, a family that adores you! I’m excited to be a part of your life journey and to see it though your eyes, through this blog! Love you Jus! Xoxo!

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