It’s All About The Shoes

As any girl knows the best outfits are all about the shoes! And when it comes to running- this is true as well.

For starters, I’m an over pronator- probably caused by my morton toe which is a whole different subject……

When it comes to running shoes and inserts- I’ve tried my fair share. I’ve even tried shoes with a roll bar that really looked like more of a moon shoe. I finally thought I had struck gold when Nike came out with the Lunarglide which was for over pronators. Finally a shoe with some style options!! I added the superfeet insoles and I was on my way to running- a mile or two. To be honest I wasn’t interested in running much further. Running wasn’t my sport. I would always finish a few miles cussing to myself and limping all the way home and then rolling my arches out on some roller ball.

Upon returning from Thailand I had decided to start doing things that scared me. Things that pushed me out of my comfort zone. I needed to be challenged. So at the suggestion of my lovely friend Lora, we signed up for the Rock N Roll half marathon. Neat. I remember our first run together I think I was lagging behind her at an 11 minute mile and I only made it to 2 miles before I was done. Just as I remembered- running was NOT my sport. But this was what it was supposed to be- hard. I convinced myself if nothing else I would gain those killer runner legs and THIS was my motivation. Purely superficial.

Toward the end of training for RnR AZ a girlfriend suggested that I read “Born to Run”. This book would change the way I saw running forever, she claimed. And Tina Rusher- you were right! If you ever read one book on running- this is it! This book made me want to be a runner!! I actually started running just for the fun of it (and maybe still the idea of runner’s legs). After I finished the book I decided to put the “barefoot running” theory to test that was talked about a lot throughout the book. I started researching and reading reviews and settled on trying the Merrell Bare Access Arc 2. They had a vibram sole which was perfect since I love trail running when the desert heat will allow it. I couldn’t believe how light they were. It hardly felt like I was wearing a shoe. My first 4 mile trail run I took 12 minutes off my time. Yes, you read that right. I couldn’t believe I went from wearing moon shoes with inserts to barely anything!

I’ve been running in Merrells since January and have yet to have a single foot or leg pain. I ran another half  6weeks after RnR and took 8 minutes off my time. And I have to say, it’s all about the shoes. merrells

I’m not saying what works for me works for everyone. But, if you’re a serious runner it is a theory worth trying out. If nothing less read the book, it is truly inspiring!!


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