Get Your Gear On


This is my- can’t live without, what did I ever do before you, go to running gear. As soon as you start running you are searching for those little things to make your runs easier. Shorts that look good on you. A place to carry your ipod, keys and nutrition. The perfect hat. A way to track your distance. And once you find those “keepers” you wonder what you ever did without them. What are yours?

1.) Lululemon Speed Shorts (

They are simply perfection. Built in undies, thin fabric, multiple pockets and they are cut so that they don’t ride up your ass. What more could you want in a running short? Trust me you don’t want to be picking a wedgie on race day. Not a cute look.

2.) Garmin Forerunner 100 GPS watch with HR monitor (

I actually purchased this watch based on the fact it was pink, not really for the features. Turns out this is one of the lower end Garmin watches and there are ones that way surpass this one. But, it tells me HR, pace, distance and time. It has a light for running at the crack of dawn and it has never failed me. Plus, I saved the extra money and put it toward wine. Much happier girl for that.

3. Spibelt (

This was a lifesaver. I tried other belts that would creep up as I ran and I was constantly readjusting. Look, running is hard enough- why make it harder? I think what sold me on the Spibelt is that belt itself is stretchy so it hugs your hips like a whiny toddler. It is not going anywhere! The pouch expands and can fit a variety of things easily. I put my iPod, keys, lip balm and chews in the pouch. Easy access and light weight.

4.) Headsweats Visor- (

I went through many hats before I found this gem. I over heat quickly and my performance suffers. It doesn’t help that I have long, thick hair that likes to trap heat. In a vent session to my brother I told him how quickly I over heat, he suggested switching to a headsweats visor so that I wasn’t trapping heat on my head. GAME CHANGER! I love this visor and where it whether I am on a 3 mile run on the treadmill or logging long runs outside. It is just perfection. It also doesn’t leave a “I just wore a hat for 2 hours” mark.

5) Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews (

I quickly learned that were things to eat and things to NOT eat while running. Honey Stinger is one of the only brands of sport nutrition that I can stomach. I live off their waffles when I cycle. I could really care less about the organic part but it’s an added bonus. The chews are made from 100% organic tapioca syrup and honey so it makes it easier to digest. Plus they are little pieces of deliciousness that you get to look forward to. Some runs I will wait till mile 3 to have one. I always get so excited thinking, “I get a honey stinger chew soon!” Yeah, that good.

6) iPod with Rock my Run app ( (

Hopefully, I do not need to explain what an iPod is or why it is needed. MUSIC, folks. When you are logging miles your music can get old and FAST. I am constantly buying music and changing playlists. Sometimes it feels like a job and I end up listening to the first 30 seconds of a song, skipping it and hating everything all together. “Nope, this song sucks.”  “Not today.” “Can’t believe I even own this song.” Luckily my sister in law is a avid runner and felt my pain. She told me to download this app and I love, love, love. It saved my runs! You can pick genres, BPM, length, etc. I went ahead and got the premium membership which is $5 a month but you get more mixes and downloads. The mixes I have listened to so far are awesome.

7) RoadID (

It’s just plain smart. I didn’t need to be sold on this. As soon as I heard about them, I snatched one up. They are inexpensive, comfortable to wear (I actually never take mine off) and could save your life. RoadID allows you to put 4-5 lines of information on your band. Name, Emergency Contact #, Medical Alerts and if you have room- a fun quote to inspire you on the days you are not feeling so inspired. I even bought one for my son since he rides his bike to and from school a lot. I love running, but it can be a risky sport so remember safety first!!

Happy Running.


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