For My Dad

Growing up I hated my dad. I know that is a strong word- but I did. I thought he was too hard on me. I didn’t think loved me enough. I hated how he saw everything so black and white. I despised his constant unemotional stance on things. I thought his view of the world was wrong. I was annoyed by his witty sayings and analogies. As soon as I could leave home- I did. There were even a few years where I don’t think I spoke to him but maybe once or twice. And at the time I could of cared less. As time passed- life started handing out lessons- and I couldn’t deny the fact that my dad had been right about a lot of things. Surprisingly the things I hated about him the most became the very reasons why I love him today. They are what made me the person I am. They made me strong, independent and able to take care of myself. The lessons he tried to teach me about the world proved true. Some days I hear his witty sayings and I smile thinking about how right he was. Now that I’m a parent myself I know how hard it is to guide your child into the right path- especially when they hate you in the moment. And when there are days I feel like Caden hates me- I don’t falter and remind myself to be strong like my dad was. I admire my dad for staying true to himself and for raising us kids on his own. I know it wasn’t easy and looking back now as an adult- I get it!! So- Happy Fathers Day to my dad. You will probably never give yourself the credit you deserve. But I hope that you can look at your children (well most of us) and see that you did a great job!! I truly appreciate all the sacrifices you made for us. I can only hope I instill the same values that you did in me in my son. I love you. ❤ Jus